Friday, December 05, 2008

Search and Win with Live Search

winwsearch Microsoft has started a fun way to use Live Search. Do your search from and start winning. When you do a query, it will roll the dice and those who can get to show 6 and 6 on the dice, wins. Each search query entered is considered one throw.

Each session is of 10 min., if someone has won in that session, one has to wait till another session starts. The Contest shall be open for 18 hrs a day from 0700 hrs IST to 0100 hrs IST during the Contest Period. So there are lots of sessions for winning. The Participant can play once or multiple times during the Contest period.

So what are you waiting for search your query using and start winning (Free talktime). Just now I have won !!!!


66So once you enter the query, 2 dices will roll and if you get 6 and 6 you win. 





And you will be asked to sign in with your Live ID. And you have to fill up the phone number etc. to claim your prize.


After that one will get the message on the mobile number.

The Contest will run from December 04, 2008 to January 03, 2009 and is open to India only. For more details check the site.

So hurry up search your query with and start winning.


krishna said...

Have u received sms to u r mobile stating password? Where should we enter the password in oxicash website to claim the talktime?

Vasudev said...

Hi krishna, as you can see in the blog post screenshots, it is the exact sequence you will see when you win.After getting 6AND6, 1. click on the 'click here to get your prizes' 2. You will have to fill the form with your name, mobile no, mail id, 3.when you submit this , you will get a message saying, you will receive a message on the mobile within 24hrs.

I had won yesterday, but no message received yet.

vasudev said...

Krishna, just now received the SMS, Now I can see what you were enquiring about. Goto site & there goto 'My wallet' and put OxicashID and pwd you received. Once you are logged in, you can claim various things. I'm yet exploring these.

Vasudev said...

You will also receive a Mail explaining the same on the mailID you had submitted. Check that.