Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Copyright Symbol as Watermark in Windows Live Writer

This post is just a small tip. As someone asked me- how do I put the Copyright Symbol, that ‘c’ in a circle – ©, on the photos I publish in my blog posts. Like the one shown below - 


Here’s how its done -

Insert a picture and while selecting it, go to ‘Advanced’ tab in the Taskpane on right of your Windows Live Writer. (If its not visible, Press F9 or ‘View’ menu > Select ‘Taskpane’).In the ‘Advanced’ tab, you have ‘© Watermark…’ option under Actions. Click on it to get this window -


Enter whatever text you want and for © symbol, Press Alt+0169, that is keeping the Alt key pressed, type 0169 from the numeric keypad. You will get the copyright symbol.

And select what ever Font, size and the Watermark position on the picture. Just to emphasize, I have put the watermark symbol in the center of the picture shown at top.

And one more thing, you don’t have to do this for every picture. Just save these settings in taskpane, picture tab > save settings as default. And next time when you insert the picture, watermark will be put automatically.

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