Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Silverlight and Photosynth at inauguration swearing-in ceremony of Barack Obama

The Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) has selected the Microsoft Silverlight technology to enable live and on-demand video streaming of the official inauguration swearing-in ceremony on the PIC Web site at http://www.pic2009.org.


You can find how Silverlight will be used by PIC here.


CNN photosynth


The Moment:

Photosynth is partnering with CNN to gather thousands of photographs to create an immersive experience of the moment when President Obama takes the Oath of Office.

Well placed CNN photographers will capture lots of detailed shots for this synth, and if

you’re there you can help make this an even more amazing experience by adding your perspective with your digital camera or camera phone.

Check out CNN’s page dedicated to this collaboration: http://cnn.com/themoment.

How it Will Work

“We’ll take your photos from every angle, combine them with CNN’s professional shots, and produce what we hope will be an amazing experience that will be shown live on CNN…..”

How to Participate

When you make a Photosynth on your own, you shoot tens or hundreds of photos from different positions. Since we hope to have thousands of people participating, we’re asking to just capture the view from one position.

If you have a…

Camera Phone. Take one photo of the moment when the President Elect raises his hand to take the Oath, and email it as soon as you can  to cnnmoment@live.com. Don’t worry if he’s too small to see clearly in your photo. As long as you get the Capitol building in your shot it will synth in and help reconstruct the environment.

Digital Camera. Take three photos (wide-angle, mid-zoom, full-zoom) of the President Elect while he is being sworn in. As soon as you can get to an Internet connection, email them to us at cnnmoment@live.com. Make sure your email message is less than 10MB in size. Break it into a couple of messages if your three photos combine to more than 10MB.

We’d love to give you credit in the synth, so include your name in the email if you’d like it to appear in the list of contributors.



UPDATE from Photosynth Blog:

If you’ll be somewhere around the capitol, capture a Photosynth of where you are and upload it to Photosynth.com. When viewing your synth page, click the icon to Geotag your synth (Mark it on the map). We’ll be watching for inauguration synths and will be collecting the best on a special inauguration map. (Letting me know you created an inauguration synth will help us find all the good ones for the map: darius.monsef@microsoft.com)

If you’ll be anywhere else in the world, capture a synth of where you are and include your television when the oath is on the TV… there is a chance the television could become a portal directly into the main inauguration synth we’re creating. This portal idea is something we’ve talked about before and some of our users have even experimented with: Synth in Synth: Germany – Sydney. Some updates in the future to the Photosynth site will make it easier for these kinds of portals to be shared and explored. Create your synth and upload it to Photosynth.com. When viewing your synth page, click the icon to Geotag your synth (Mark it on the map).

Geotagging Your Synths

In order for us to locate your synth on our special inauguration map, or on any of our Live Search Maps we need you to geotag your synths.  You can do this when viewing your synth pages.  There is a globe icon below your synth title on the right side of the page.  Click that icon and place your synth on the map by finding your location and then clicking where you want the synth geotagged.  There is a save button at the bottom of that map popup.

P.S. This is a great resource for shooting good synths: Photosynth Photography Guide: Tips and Tricks

(Source:Capturing Inauguration Celebrations: D.C. Area & Worldwide)

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