Wednesday, February 25, 2009

IE8 Features explained by IE8 Team experts

Check out these series of Videos on Internet explorer 8 explaining various features by IE 8 Team experts-

IE8 Accelerators-

Learn about IE8's Accelerators from Jon Seitel, Program Manager on the IE team, IE8 Accelerators,

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IE8 Search-

Sharon Cohen, Program Manager on the IE Team, on very interesting new Search features in IE8, IE8 Search,

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IE8 Web Slices-

Jane Kim, Program Manager on the IE Team explains what Web Slices are, and what are changes to web slices since beta1.  IE8 Web Slices-

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IE8 Dev Tools-

And the last video is about Dev tools, where John Hrvatin, Program Manager on the IE Team explains IE8's Developer Tools – IE8 DevTools

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Check out these really helpful videos to know about various new features of IE8 which is almost ready to be RTMed. All these experts talks to Charles Torre, Sr. Technical Evangelist on Channel9.

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