Friday, February 20, 2009

Show Menu bar in Windows7 Media Player

This is a small tip related to Windows Media Player in Windows 7. Many of us are used to having a menu bar while using the Windows Media Player. But in Windows 7, the menu bar is not displayed  by default. So how to show it:

Just right click on the empty area next to tabs as shown and you will be provided with menu options as context menu


And there you can also see option to show these options as Menu Bar, Press Ctrl+M or click to show and click again not to  show.



Akhilesh said...

Oh thats great! I thought that the latest windows media player came without this bar. I will activate it.

Vasudev said...

Its nice to know that you found this tip useful. One of my friend also pointed out that 'Organize' button also has this option to display menu bar.