Thursday, May 07, 2009

21 Windows 7 Tips and Tricks from Microsoft Partner Program

Check out this compilation of Windows 7 Tips & Tricks from Microsoft Partner Program. It illustrates some of the enhancements that are new in Windows 7.

Download this 3 parts documents in pdf format. Each part contains 7 Tips. The complete Download is a 5,964.0 KB zip file, which can be downloaded from here.

These tips includes -

  1. Shuffling Through Program Windows
  2. Managing Your Windows
  3. Project Your Display With Ease
  4. Multi-Monitor Window Management
  5. Aero Peek Your Desktop
  6. Live Clutter-Free
  7. Help the Help Desk Help You


  1. Put a “Pin Up” of the Folders You Use Most
  2. Double-Up Your Windows
  3. Clear, Crisp Display—It’s In Your Control
  4. Order and Reason for Your Taskbar
  5. Taskbar Traversing
  6. BitLocker To Go Protection
  7. Your Own Personal Help Desk: Windows Troubleshooting Platform


  1. Change the Scenery
  2. Crunch The Numbers
  3. Smart Printing 
  4. Shake It Up 
  5. Clean Your Desktop! And Order It Too 
  6. Right-Click Mania
  7. Unveil Your Hidden Drives

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