Friday, May 15, 2009

Laptop Hunters- Lauren and Sue

In the latest of Laptop Hunters series of ads, Lauren with $1700 to spend, wants a laptop with speed, portability and long battery life. They end up with a Dell for $971.99 not before checking out Mac.

Lauren: “This Mac is $2000 and that’s before adding anything.”

Sue: “Why would you pay twice the price?”

Lauren: “I wouldn’t”

Lauren: “I’m a PC and I got what I exactly wanted”


JF said...

Hey man, I'm trying to follow link paths to find out who designed the lyrics finder program for zune on codeplex, was it you? or can you help? or do you know who did?

If so, I have a few technical difficulties I'd like to iron out. can we get in touch? thanks man. I'll check your blog for a reply for a while.

Vasudev said...

Hi JF, No its not me. You can check and contact ZenWalker -

Hope this helps.

Akhilesh said...

Apple computers might be more expensive, but you cannot compare them to windows based laptops. They are a different class. It's like saying I want to buy a car but I will go for Tata Indica when compared to a mercedes. They are two different brands offering two different things. Price cannot be the only basis of comparison. Yes, for the same RAM, Graphics, HDD and Screen width, a Dell or an HP might be cheaper, but you must also look at design and looks. Apple would any day beat all competitors for looks. chipi

Vasudev said...

Hi Akhilesh, going by your analogy, I dont think a Mercedes just differs in its looks as compared to Tata Indica. Its totally far-far ahead in its features/technology which are absent in Indica. As you yourself said,hardware being same, even Apple has shifted to Intel CPU, So comparing Macs with other brands,its totally illogical price difference just for looks. I think HP/Dell etc look as good as any other. It's the hype created around Macs which has to be busted and people informed in this time of recession. That's what the ad does.Also chk new Zune subscription ad comparing it with itunes.