Saturday, May 23, 2009

Watch IPL matches LIVE- powered by Silverlight

Its crunch time at IPL T20 cricket matches, semifinals and finals time. Yesterday was the 1st semifinal, which we all enjoyed the electric innings of Adam Gilchrist.

At the start of the IPL matches , I had twittered and posted about watching all the action  LIVE  at 

Now  has all the Highlight clips, the best Bollywood Moments, Fan Shots, Interviews, Festivities, Wickets, Bowled, Catches, Run Outs, Stumped, LBW, Sixes, Fours, 3rd Umpire Decisions, Highlights Cricket Videos... and lots more apart from streaming LIVE action powered by Microsoft Silverlight.


Also don't forget to check out image galleries available exclusively in high-definition Deep Zoom! Sign-up and Enjoy !

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