Saturday, May 02, 2009

Windows 7 ISO image tips

win7logo Windows 7 RC will be available for download for General Public on 5th May. And is already available now for MSDN, TechNet Subscribers and on Microsoft Connect for Testers. Many are eagerly waiting for downloading the Windows 7 Image. So after the download you will just rush to burn the downloaded ISO image. My small tip will be handy while doing the same. First of all after downloading just check the MD5 or CRC32 checksum whichever is provided to make sure that the image you have downloaded is not corrupted during the download process.

So after that while burning , make sure you burn it at slow speeds. And sometimes even after burning them at slow speeds, you will get some Error at the beginning of install process or while installing, mainly during the ‘Expanding Windows Files…’  step.

So to avoid such error, make sure while burning to check the option of ‘verify data on disc after burning’ in the burning software. It will take a couple of minutes more to verify but its worth. As I had faced problem during Win7 beta ISO burning. I had burnt it at slow speed and I got the message, Burning has been successfully completed, but still during the Install process I got the error. So make sure you verify data on disc after burning.

So just keep these points in mind while burning any big images.

I have already downloaded and Installed Windows 7 RC from Microsoft Connect and my experience till now with RC is Superb. Thanks, Windows 7 Team !


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