Monday, May 04, 2009

Windows 7 Learning Portal - Be the Expert on Windows 7


As many of you know Windows 7 RC will be available to general public from tomorrow May 5th for download and all of you are very eager to get your hands on Windows 7 RC.

So why not get the Skills and Knowledge you need to be the Expert on Windows 7.

“Become the Windows 7 expert in your company. Discover the wide variety of Microsoft training, books, and certifications that are available to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed.”

Check the Windows 7 Learning Portal where you will find

  • Books from Microsoft Press,
  • Microsoft E-Learning
  • short, easy-to-understand, Learning Snacks,
  • Learning Plans,
  • First-look courses and hands-on labs
  • classroom training,
  • free online clinics which will help you understand how to perform various tasks with Windows 7

and many more things related to Windows 7.

Also check out these Windows 7 resources put together by TechNet Edge :

- Win7 What’s New

- Win7 Feature Walkthrough

- Inside Win7

- Engineering Windows 7 Blog

- Win7 Networking Overview

- Win7 Networking Enhancements for Enterprises

- Branch Cache Demo Video

- Direct Access Demo Video

- Migrating from XP to Win7 with MS Deployment Toolkit 2010

- Be ready for Win7: Application Compatibility

- Win7 Manageability Overview

- Win7 Questions & Answers

- Win7 Beta Installation Instructions

- Installing the Win7 Beta with Virtual PC 2007 SP1

- Installing Win7 in a USB stick

- Boot from VHD in Win7

- BitLocker To Go

- AppLocker

- Resource Monitor (resmon)

You can also check  What’s new in Windows 7 RC – video about which I had posted earlier.

Now get ready as from tomorrow Windows 7 RC will be made available for downloaded, Look for the Official Windows 7 Site for the Download Link and for getting the Product Key :

I have already installed Windows 7 RC as its made available to MSDN, TechNet Subscribers and on Microsoft Connect and I can just say Its fabulous. Works so smoothly. So you also can get your hands from tomorrow.


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