Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook

This post was long due. Its about my Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook. I got it about 2 months back but was not able to blog and post its snaps as requested by many of my friends. This post was lying in my ‘Drafts’ section of Windows Live Writer and today I thought of completing it and posting lots of photos.

Actually, I along with few others received this Netbook from Windows 7 Team at Microsoft Connect- the unified portal to provide feedback about Microsoft products and services. (Details)

Well, I have been pretty impressed by Netbook’s convenient size, portability and ease of its use. Those who are using big, heavy Notebooks will enjoy Eee PC’s convenience to carry around easily. Once you see and start using it then you can understand why it has become one of the best sellers in US. Following with Asus Eee PC success, now there are many others who have brought their brands of Netbooks in the market. It has made a different segment by itself.

My Pearl White Asus Eee PC 900 Netbook is powered by Intel Celeron Mobile CPU 353 at 900 MHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM, with Flash storage instead of regular Hard disks- it has 12GB storage  (has 2 SSDs of 4GB and 8GB), 8.9” display size, 1.3 M Pixels built-in WebCam, WiFi, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and weighs less than a kilo and came preloaded with Microsoft Windows XP Home.


Along with the Netbook, I also received a Targus travel Adaptor – which provides worldwide plugs compatibility.


They have also provided the Restore CD which restores to factory settings and installs Windows XP home along with other Apps. as MS Works, Star office suite and some other utilities.



It has a SD/MMC card slot and 2 USB 2.0 , Monitor/Projector port and a Kensington Lock port on the right side. I have put a 16 GB SDHC card now enhancing the storage capacity.


While on the left side, it has LAN port, and another USB2.0 port and Microphone, headphone jacks.


In the bottom it has the speakers and emergency reset.


It has 1.3 M webcam and Microphone on top of the screen.



The Keyboard keys are chicklet sized and may require some adjustment for those having big hands. For me it was comfortable. The multitouch touchpad is also very good. Multi-finger gesture operation makes it very convenient. One can do various regular operations as well use touchpad for scrolling using two fingers and also can do squeezing for Zoom-in and Zoom-out photos by default.

Talking of size, the power adapter is also very compact and small as compared to adapters of regular Notebooks.


Here are some comparative photos of Eee PC with regular Laptop.



And this one compares Eee PC with a DVD Jewel case, now you can get an idea how compact Eee PC Netbook is-IMG_0919z 

And here’s my Eee PC running Microsoft Windows XP Home-


Actually , now I have removed Windows XP and installed Windows 7 RC and it runs as smooth or even better than XP. I had to install it using USB Pen drive as Netbooks generally don’t come with built-in Optical drives. I’ll be making a detailed post on how to install Windows 7 on Eee PC Netbook soon.

They have also provided a cool sleeve for Eee PC. It snugly fits and very comfortable to carry around , just like a book.



Thanks to Microsoft Connect and Windows 7 Team !!!

Overall I’m very happy with it and now even much more powerful Netbooks have arrived in the market that runs Intel Atom processor which consumes much less power thus increasing the battery backup to as long as 8 Hrs. and this will be a huge success when it comes pre-loaded with Windows 7. So just wait and watch. The convenience of Netbook will be fully utilized when it will be powered by Windows 7. And with the numbers of Netbooks selling, I’m sure its price will also be very attractive and will become more cheaper in the days to come. And this factor will make them popular here also in India as they are already a big hit in US and Europe.


Akhilesh said...

congrats.... its nice to know that win7 runs smoothly on a net book!

Vasudev said...

Thank, Soon will post a blog about its installation using Pendrives. You will see after the release of Windows 7 , Many Netbooks preloaded with Windows 7.