Friday, July 17, 2009

Tale of my twitter account suspension

Yesterday night, I was online and as usual was signed into my twitter account. And was also checking out mail, office2010 stuff etc.. And after sometime then I again returned to twitter tab in my browser and was shocked to see a big message saying your account has been suspended because of some strange activity. I was shocked to see that, why on earth , have I been suspended? What strange activity I was carrying?

Twitteracsuspendedz That’s how the Suspended Account looked Like .

Next thing was to go to the link provided in that message and submitted a ticket requesting to revoke the suspension. Then I received a mail informing the same from twitter and by the time I replied to that mail and went back to twitter, lo….the suspension is gone. And my account working normally. Then after some time came to know that there was some twitterglitch, which caused many accounts to be suspended and then were revoked and some were still requesting their accounts to be revoked. Luckily mine got revoked within 15 min.

That was a Strange Activity from twitter.

Anyway, if you want to follow me on twitter, you can do at @vasudevg

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