Monday, July 06, 2009

Thank-you gift from Windows 7 Starter Team

Received today a Thank-you gift from Windows 7 Starter Team. This was provided to all the participants for their contributions and the effort to help beta test Windows 7 Starter.

Thanks to Starter Team !! Thanks Samer, Wendy, Edson and everyone at Windows 7 Starter team.

Its a Notepad and kind of sticky racket-ball game, both branded with Windows 7 logo.


Earlier I had also received Windows 7 Swag for providing ‘Best Suggestion’ during Live Chat with Windows 7 Team.

But the big one, which I had received from Windows 7 team, a couple of months back is yet to be posted about. Will blog about it soon :)


Akhilesh said...


Vasudev said...

Thanks Akhil !

anonymous said...

You got a netbook right? Btw, what was the "best suggestion"? :-)

Vasudev said...

You guessed it right ! :) Frankly it was long time back, 5-6 months back. And I had participated in many of the Live Chats with Windows 7 team. I if remember correctly, I think it was something to do with psr. (problems steps recorder)

Pooja said...

That's great. Congrats!! Windows 7 is a focused and performance centered software. Windows 7 has exciting features. The new taskbar is very good, very unique. Windows 7 also features an XP mode. The setup process is very simple. Overall, Windows 7 has done more than what Windows vista should have done. There are no loopholes left in Windows 7. For more details refer windows 7 release

vasudev said...

Thanks Pooja. Yes, Windows 7 is the Best Windows OS to date.