Saturday, July 04, 2009

Union Budget Live with Silverlight- Real-time chat with TV anchors

4696929 This year’s Union Budget will be different. We all have been watching the budget speech on TV or reading about it,but this year’s Budget will be streamed Live using Microsoft Silverlight* , so that you can watch it on your PC. Users will get live coverage of both ET Now and Times Now as well as on-demand videos, live news feeds, special updates and will also be able to interact with Facebook friends--all from a single show window. And with Facebook Connect and Live Stream Box, they will be able to take part in real-time conversations with their favorite TV anchors. (Cartoon courtesy: Economic Times)


bud2 The event will be hosted at  You can also get minute-by-minute update and live news feeds if you are interested in specific parts of the budget. Powered by Microsoft’s Silverlight, users will get to watch a high quality video stream on the web- like TV, only significantly better.

(* Download Silverlight from


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Unknown said...

Interesting. This will be a favorite of all the political fellows :)