Friday, July 31, 2009

Windows 7 Beta Testers to get a FREE copy of Windows 7 Ultimate !!

prodWin7yellow_hero This is Wonderful News !!  Members of the invitation-only Windows 7 Technical Beta Program that is to say, Windows 7 Beta Testers will be eligible for a free, final copy of Windows 7 Ultimate !!

The details are posted on the Connect Newsgroup by Paul Donnelly of Microsoft, so the members can have a look.

All current members of our English technical and international mini-beta programs are eligible and it will be a Windows 7 Ultimate Edition for ones personal use Only.

More details will be posted in days to come on Microsoft Connect. Being one of the Beta Testers, I surely will be looking forward to it.

Thanks a lot to Microsoft, all at Windows 7 Team for bringing the Best Windows OS till date and providing a Complimentary Copy to all Testers!!

(Source:Showing Our Thanks to Windows 7 Beta Testers…)


Akhilesh said...

Congrats vasudev!

Vasudev said...

Thanks Akhilesh ! :)