Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bing joins in India’s Independence Day Celebrations

Today, 15th Aug. is India’s Independence Day. India became free from British Rule on 15th Aug. 1947. Whole country is in Celebration mood and to add to the joy, Bing has added colors in the celebration by providing this Home Page today:  (Now for India region also , check ‘EDIT’ at bottom)

Bing150809UK (Click on the Image for Enlarged view )

The image is of Maharaja's Palace, Mysore, India. Photograph provided by ©Vladpans/eStock Photo

It also provides the Hotspots with lots of relevant information, here I’m providing the links to those 4 Hotspots-

Can you name the leader of the Indian nationalist movement?Martin Luther King, Jr., considered him a role model »


The city of Mysore, India, lights up this palace for all 10 days of the Dasara festival each year.What else happens during Dasara? »


Today is Indian Independence Day, the 62nd anniversary of the end of British rule in India.Learn more about it »


The Maharaja's Palace was once the official residence of the royal family of Mysore.See an aerial map of the palace »

At the bottom of page another interesting fact and link-
It takes 97,000 bulbs to light up this palace Let's hope they're energy-efficient

But this homepage Image is provided for Australia, France and United Kingdom regions. For other regions including India some other Homepage Image is provided today. I would request Bing to have provided this for India region also on this day.

EDIT (3:00PM IST) : Thanks to Bing, now this Home page showing the image of Maharaja's Palace, Mysore, India in celebration of India’s Independence is being shown in many other regions including India. But Bing’s Homepage Hotspots for regions like India is not shown as its still in Beta and features are still being rolled out. So check out the related Hotspot links as given above. Thanks Bing for the quick action !


Subhashita Manjari said...

जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी

Mother and motherland and greater than heaven

Sabrina said...

Happy independence day, India! In honor of today, I was watching some films celebrating the rich Indian culture. One that I think you would like is about the Matka. Enjoy!

vasudev said...

Thanks !