Monday, August 24, 2009

Windows Live Mail Updates

WLMail_logo Recently a new ver of Windows Live Movie Maker was released and was out of beta.  And along with it updates to Windows Live Essentials thus updating all Windows Live Essentials Apps which also includes Windows Live Mail were released. Let us see what are the issues in Windows Live Mail that have been updated.

-- I had this problem in Windows Live Mail where one closes the app will appear to close but keeps on running in background and we could check it in Windows Task Manager (wlmail.exe keep running). And if we wanted to start it again , WL Mail will not start and another instance of it starts to show up in Task Manager. So as I knew this problem, I used to kill the running process from Task manager and then it used to Open again. A feedback about it was provided as many others were also facing this.

Now in this new update this issue has been corrected. Thanks To WL Mail Team ! Now ‘Recover Disk Space’ should also work properly.

Other updates are-


-- Windows Live Mail can now properly import Outlook Express mail account settings that were transferred from a Windows XP to a new Vista or Windows 7 system using the Windows Easy Transfer wizard.


-- On Vista and Windows 7, Windows Live Mail wouldn’t connect properly to POP email servers using SSL. In particular, this affected some users of Yahoo! Mail.

The update is version 2009 (Build 14.0.8089.0726), You can check it from Help > About Windows Live Mail


So if you want to update all your Windows Live Essentials Apps and also get the new Windows Live Movie Maker (which has got very good response from its users) just go to 

(Source:Windows Live Mail Update Details)

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