Monday, October 19, 2009

Windows 7 helps Bangalore Airport to reduce costs, enhance Productivity

 bang7 Bangalore, the IT capital of India now has an international airport on par with global standards. The Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) has earned the city of Bengaluru the unique distinction of becoming the regional hub for South India. BIAL is committed to establishing the new Bengaluru International Airport as India’s leading airport in terms of quality and efficiency and setting a benchmark for the future commercial development of Indian airports.

BIAL has approximately 500 PCs (desktops & laptops), which run the Windows XP operating system. BIAL believes in keeping pace with the latest of technology. The company had long run the Window XP operating system but realized that it needed to upgrade the operating system to maintain support from Microsoft and take advantage of the latest Microsoft innovations. Apart from simplifying its computer environment, BIAL also wanted stronger operating system security features to keep its computers safe. The company wanted a mechanism to control application usage among employees.

In May 2009, BIAL learned about an opportunity to become an early adopter of the Windows 7 operating system. When Microsoft made the Windows 7 operating system available, BIAL swiftly deployed the software on 75 computers across its office. Windows 7 simplifies the way you use your PC, and the way your PC connects with the world.

As a result of using Windows 7, BIAL has benefited from faster deployment times, enhanced IT security, reduced IT management work, and increased employee productivity.


Because of the built-in features of Windows 7, BIAL looks forward to reducing costs significantly. Features such as DirectAccess, and BitLocker reduce costs and deliver tangible value to its customers.“This upgrade demonstrates enormous cost-saving benefit,” says Mr. Rajan. “We have ultimately saved 25 percent of our costs as compared to procurement of third party encryption and VPN software.”

The company’s employees are more productive as a result of features such as federated search functionality improved screen management capabilities, jump lists, and ability to control their own settings have had a positive impact on their productivity.

(These are the Excerpts taken from Microsoft Case Studies - For the full report , please check “Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) Tightens Security, Reduces Costs with New Operating System” )


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