Monday, December 07, 2009

Will Google Users Switch to Bing ? A habit that’s difficult to give up !

Though Bing has come up with cool features and continuously improving, it will now be interesting to see how people who are habituated to Google switch to bing. In a study, 15 Google users were recruited by a qualitative research firm and instructed to use Bing, exclusively, for one week. The study's sponsor, Microsoft, wasn't revealed until after participants indicated their likelihood to remain with their current search engine or switch to Bing.

And 10 out of 15 said they switched to bing. Check out this video what those people said about bing and why they switched.

Microsoft's Harry Shum had recently said : "Google is like smoking cigarettes, It’s a habit that’s going to be difficult to give up." (Microsoft exec: Quitting Google as tough as stopping smoking)

So when they give up, surely will feel refreshing to use bing. I can say its refreshing even just to see the Bing’s Home Page with amazing daily picture. You discover something daily by visiting Bing.

It will take time for Google users to switch to bing but surely people are liking it. And with bing’s features, Google is also feeling the heat and is trying out and bringing new things which was not seen much when bing was not there.

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