Saturday, December 05, 2009

Windows 7 Ultimate Commemorative Edition for Beta participants

Today I received my Boxed copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Commemorative Edition. I being a Technical Beta Tester received it from the Windows 7 Team. It was in Aug , Microsoft had decided to give a copy of Windows 7 to all Beta participants and were given a choice either to download it and get up and running quickly OR wait for a Boxed Copy after its market release on Oct 22nd. It was a limited Edition Special boxed copies, so I had decided to get this. Its a Collectors Copy of Windows 7 with a Thank You note from Steve Ballmer.




Actually Beta Participants got this boxed copy a month back only but due to some problem my shipment got delayed and I received it today only.

A big Thanks to Microsoft for providing this Special Edition to all Beta Participants, Thanks also to Windows 7 Team and special thanks to Wendy of the Windows Beta team. I really enjoyed testing and providing feedback on Windows 7. I feel proud being part of Windows 7 and you might have seen the ads on Windows 7 also ‘That was my idea…’ that brings more closer to Windows 7. It is the Best Windows OS.

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Manan said...

I envy you. I really do. Don't how but I missed enrolling for the Connect Beta program, now I'm regretting it. :(