Thursday, January 14, 2010

Priyanka Gandhi 2010 Calendar



Came across a site from a news item in today’s TOI , which has  lots of materials related to Nehru and Gandhis . The site has Press releases in Hindi, English and Urdu, Photos, videos, audios, Speech text etc.The Congress related videos section has even the rare Mahtama Gandhi videos. The site also displays the latest related Newspaper cuttings.

The ‘design’ section of the Priyanka Gandhi has also provided 2010 Calendar for download featuring her month by month. But the size is not suitable for Computer background. Still if one wants one can resize it and use it as backgrounds.

There are very less such sites providing so much information about a  Political family , so I decided to blog about it. Those interested can have a look. And I think Priyanka Gandhi on Calendar might be first of its kind also.

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