Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bing to provide option to set automatically Bing Images as wallpaper

You all must have seen amazing images provided daily by bing homepage and wanted to set them as Desktop background.

Few days back, Bing Team had tweeted that its working on the option of displaying the Bing homepage images as wallpaper automatically, when asked by a Bing user.

This is what Bing tweeted – “…but we r working on it. until then, if u r on Win7, u can set bing images as ur desktop background via control panel. ^mp “



And this is what was asked by a bing user on twitter -


Yes, if Bing bring this feature it’ll be nice as many will use this option.

Many people have already created their own methods to do so. check this for it :  Bing Homepage image Tips

and also bing4free - wallpaper downloader + changer

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