Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here comes the Google Buzz


Today when you sign-in to Gmail, you’ll get this page -


With the growing popularity of twitter,facebook; now Google has launched its own way of sharing updates, photos, videos and more. It has launched Google Buzz. Buzz is built right into Gmail and automatically starts following the people you email and chat with the most.


You can choose to share publicly with the world or privately to a small group of friends each time you post. As you sign-in to Gmail, you will see the buzz icon below the Inbox. Google is rolling out to all in the days to come. Buzz is also available on mobile.





Google has come out with Buzz, now its for people whether they like it or not . Its a nice catchy ‘name’ ? (remember Yahoo Buzz? .



Google Buzz for mobile



EDIT: After trying it out for sometime,I’m not sure whether people will like this another social thing or not. I think all these have been tried and done before by others like Microsoft and yahoo.

Twitter and facebook gives a different kind of experience and my preference is still twitter, either in its web UI or using some twitter client. I’m not giving a total thumbs down to Google Buzz but let us see how it grows with more additional features. If it tries to add more feature it should not end up like Wave. Complicating things.

Let me try Buzz for few more days. Again I would say, I prefer twitter!!


Nischal Shetty said...

if you say u prefer twitter.. then I guess I wud prefer it too over buzz (havent got my hands on it yet).

Vasudev said...

Don't know why, I even prefer twitter over facebook.
Buzz might be a bit different than twitter, but with so many things built around twitter, I like it.
Buzz still might be popular but will not be as bad as Wave.

Anonymous said...

Vasedev, where have Microsoft got a feature where you can post an update and others can comment on it, like/dislike it all in real time?? I must have missed it.
I have wished for such a feature to be included in the new Wave 4, but as usual MS are so slow, and others pass them by

Vasudev said...

Yes. btw recently I have noticed MS in many cases instead of being the direct competitor, builds a support app for it. Like in facebook, fishbowl and other SL4 based facebook clients. promoting Seesmic clients for twitter. making a good use of twitter for their product support. that's a nice approach