Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to show Google Buzz updates on twitter

GoogleBuzzLogo Google Buzz has created a lot of buzz on the net, though mostly for the wrong reasons like privacy flaw or the name ‘buzz’ itself etc. And I think its the initial excitement which is making people explore the buzz. You all must have also tried what all this buzz about. How long will this excitement last, will the people accept it in the long run? I doubt.

Anyway, Buzz provides option to connect to various sites including twitter so that your tweets gets displayed in Buzz.


But how to do the reverse, that is how to show the Buzz updates in your twitter timeline? Here are the steps -

This can be done by using RSS feeds of Buzz updates. Open Buzz, click on your name to show the link to your Google Profile. Click it to open your Google Profile page. And you can see the RSS icon in the address bar



Click on the RSS icon and you will get the Google Buzz feed page. Copy this feed URL from the address bar.


And this feed URL can be used in service like twitterfeed .

If you don’t have an account, signup and paste the Google Buzz feed URL.


And in the advanced settings, you can make the post content as ‘description only’ and can uncheck ‘Post link’. You can also keep the ‘Update frequency’ as you want ‘and post up’ to as 1. That’s all.

So whenever you Buzz, these will also be shown in your twitter timeline. btw, I’m sticking to twitter, though will keep exploring the Buzz.

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