Thursday, February 18, 2010

Use Bing, if you want to know about Winter Olympics

Many, many of us do not know about various sports , games being featured in ongoing Winter Olympics 2010. Sports and Games in the regular Olympics are well known and popular in most part of the world but Winter Olympics features sports which are very curious and we can learn a lot of new things about them. The best way is Bing. Bing is featuring 4 images a day , related to these Winter Olympics 2010 during the games. And the ‘hotspots’ on the bing homepage takes you to treasure of information.

Google also is providing its Daily Doodle on Olympics which takes you to what’s happening , latest medals tally etc. But nothing of the sort of info provided by Bing. Bing not only does all this providing latest medal tally, results etc but also enriches your knowledge on these curious Winter games.

For example, few days back Google had this doodle -



So one doesn’t know what it is? Can’t recognize what it is.  Its the ancient sport called Curling, but what it is? Many of us don’t know. It’ll be hard way to find out what’s it all about. I came to know about it from today’s Bing Homepage.

And compare it with today’s Bing page showing this sport of Curling-



Bing not only provides these stunning sports and games picture but via its hotspots one can learn, what’s this ancient sport of Curling is. As this is what one of the hotspot links shows- Chess masters don't use terms like sheets, stones, and sweeping.So why do they call it chess on

Go to the Bing Homepage and start enriching your knowledge about strange, curious, interesting sports and games in Winter Olympics. And what’s more Bing is providing 4 images a day during the Olympics and you can always scroll through back images with its option. Bing NOW !!

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