Friday, March 26, 2010

Book Review- Windows 7: Up and Running By Wei-Meng Lee


If you are a Windows XP or Windows Vista user and wants to move to Windows 7, then this book ‘Windows 7 – Up and Running – A Quick Hands-On Introduction’ by Microsoft MVP Wei-Meng Lee  will provide a quick path to getting started with Windows 7. It’s a compact book (~200 pages) providing essential information needed to upgrade or fresh install Windows 7.

It also covers getting around Windows 7 covering topics such as Jump lists, Libraries, Gadgets and other new features. It covers extensively various Essential applications in Windows 7 which will enable you to get going and start using them immediately.

Concept of HomeGroup is well explained covering the topics such as creating , joining HomeGroup and sharing files , printers, streaming music using HomeGroup. It also includes file sharing with earlier OS as XP and also sharing with Mac OS X.

The book has a separate chapter for Internet Explorer 8 explaining its new features. Another chapter is dedicated to Windows XP Mode.

In the end there’s a chapter dedicated to Windows 7 tips and tricks. This chapter is really interesting with lots of tips, information on utilities and troubleshooting tools. It also covers installing Windows 7 using USB Thumb drive, dual booting with Vista and Windows XP and Installing Windows 7   on a VHD.

Overall, it’s a very handy guide and as the name suggests, will get you ‘Up and Running’ quickly. Very neatly written with lots of screenshots, I was able to read the book in one go . I also mailed my views and suggestion to the author Wei-Meng Lee and was very pleased to receive the reply from Wei.

Windows 7 – Up and Running – A Quick Hands-On Introduction’ by Microsoft MVP Wei-Meng Lee  is published by O’Reilly. More details and buying options can be seen here – Amazon   , O’Reilly

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