Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Charge your mobiles anywhere, anytime with Mechanical Chargers

ideaForge has some of the cool products under powerAlternatives range of Mobile Chargers – be it Mechanical Chargers, USB Chargers, Bike Chargers, Car chargers and the regular Wall chargers.

Among these, Mechanical Chargers seeks more attention as they offer freedom of wallsFree charging. These are hand powered mobile phone chargers.




These Mechanical chargers tap powers either from Cranking (wind-up mode). Charge by simply rotating a handle on the charger.




or from rolling (roll-on mode) Charge even while talking by the single hand Roll-on mode.



(All the above images courtesy : ideaForge)

They help to top up charge on your phone to survive it the next hour or make that last call. 1 min of rotating the handle gives about 3 min of talk time and about 30 min of stand-by time.

They provide Environment friendly energy solution and are affordable. For their cost details, can check them at ebay

These kind of Mechanical Mobile chargers may become popular in Indian villages where Mobile usage is increasing but they don’t have electricity. So these kind of Chargers may come handy. In fact will be useful in many power starved cities also.

ideaForge is a start-up founded by three IIT Bombay alumni in Feb'2007

For other kind of mobile chargers, please check -

Talking of Mechanical  chargers taping power from Cranking , I had earlier mentioned of a Microsoft branded Torch which also can be used for emergency mobile charging.




Honey K Gupta said...

Can I please get the circuit diagram to make such a MECHANICAL CHARGER?

vasudev said...

Sorry, I don't have any such circuit diagram. Please refer to books,EFY mags or any DIY books, you might get.