Sunday, March 28, 2010

Free ebook : Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (DRAFT Preview)

Check this Free ebook from Microsoft Press - Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (DRAFT Preview)



This DRAFT Preview contains three chapters from what will be a ten-chapter ebook when it’s released this summer. The three chapters make up Part II, “Moving from Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to Visual Studio 2010.”

You can download the DRAFT Preview of this ebook in XPS format here.

Download size: 63.8MB

UPDATE 22/04/10 – Microsoft has now released it in PDF and XPS Format available now at Download center in new download size for XPS, contents are same -

Moving to Visual Studio 2010 e-Book

PDF  11.4 MB

XPS  32.9 MB

“The book is not a language primer, a language reference, or a single technology book. It's a book that will help professional developers move from previous versions of Visual Studio (starting with 2003 and on up). It will cover the features of Visual Studio 2010 through an application. It will go through a lot of the exciting new language features and new versions of the most popular technologies without putting the emphasis on the technologies themselves. It will instead put the emphasis on how you would get to those new tools and features from Visual Studio 2010.”

For more details Please check source.

(Source – Microsoft Press Blog)

Just a few days back Microsoft Press had provided this -

Free E book - Programming Windows Phone 7 Series By Charles Petzold

For more such Free E-Books please check – meraTechPort

UPDATE 13 May 2010 : Now Moving to Visual Studio 2010 Draft preview II has been added -


Download it from

Moving to Visual Studio 2010 e-Book

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