Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hardware Specs for Windows Phone 7 Series


Consistent set of Hardware capabilities is now defined by Microsoft for the Windows Phone 7 devices. And Microsoft is very proactive in defining these hardware specifications unlike earlier for Windows Mobiles where it was flexible. It has set  kind of standards such as,  the front of the phone will have a multitouch display with 3 buttons generally positioned below the display, namely – Back, Start and Search. So I think the Start button of Windows Phones will be as famous as that of the Windows OS.

During the MIX10 , Joe Belfiore in this video Changing our Game – an Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series  has shown the required hardware specifications for the Windows Phone 7 series devices.


winmo7Hwspecs Click to enlarge

Screenshot taken from video - Changing our Game – an Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series -Joe Belfiore


As you cans see from the above pic , all Windows Phone 7 devices will have -

  • Symmetric multi-touch of Capacitive type with at least 4 or more contact points.
  • Sensors – A GPS, Accelerometer, Compass and rest of sensors.
  • Camera with 5 megapixel or more , flash and a camera button
  • Multimedia – Codec acceleration
  • Memory – 256 MB RAM or more , 8 GB Flash or more
  • GPU –DirectX 9 acceleration
  • CPU – ARMv7 Cortex/Scorpion or better
  • Optional  keyboard
  • 3 Hardware buttons – Back, Start, Search is a must and other buttons like buttons for Volume and Power.

These devices will come in 2 screen sizes – 800 X 480 WVGA  and later with 480 X 320 HVGA screen size devices.




WinPhonehwcl13z Slide courtesy - Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Series Application Platform - Charlie Kindel

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