Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hotmail – tools for the new busy


Just a few days back (12th Mar) Hotmail sign-in page had a new look with new fonts and cleaner look -



And today when I went to Hotmail sign-in page, had again a new look and also provided a link to ‘Welcome to Hotmail, New Busy’ campaign

NewHMsigninPg( Click on image to enlarge)

When clicked on the The New Busy link, it will take you to site with lots of features about Hotmail - Explore the World of the New Busy and check out how Hotmail can Help do it all.

HMNewBusyz ( Click on image to enlarge)


When clicked on different feature will nicely open up its details.



So will there be a new Hotmail soon coming up with this new campaign? Have to wait and see.

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