Saturday, March 27, 2010

IE9 Vs Chrome, Firefox demo by Sinofsky and Dean

Internet Explorer9 Platform Preview for developers was announced and released during the MIX10 by Dean Hachamovitch. He talked about how IE9 was planned from the ground up to enable professional grade HTML5 on hardware. How HTML5 needs great script performance, standards. HTML5 apps will be graphically rich so making it GPU powered. HTML5 apps will be more like real apps rather than web pages. HTML5 applications will push the limits of graphical richness and interactivity. IE9 will run HTML5 applications better by taking advantage of PC Hardware though Windows. This is called GPU powered HTML5.

And this very cool feature GPU powered HTML 5 was also the part of the session and was demoed by Dean and Steven Sinofsky. They showed various tests , demos comparing IE9 against other browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

 This video is a part of the day2 Keynote Session at MIX10.

You can also try running these tests on various browsers from

Download the IE9 Platform Preview and the various demos,tests links are also given.

You can download it from Internet Explorer Platform Preview . Remember Platform Preview for developers is a light-weight frame around the core IE platform. And it installs side by side with IE8.


“The Platform Preview is not a replacement for your daily browser; for example, the Preview does not have an address bar, a back button, anti-phishing or malware protection. The Platform Preview does include debugging and diagnostics tools for developers. It also includes a way to provide feedback. The top level menus include Report Issue.”

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