Thursday, March 04, 2010

New Cloud-Computing Interaction

Check this cool demo of new way of interacting with the cloud. Min Wang from Microsoft Research, Asia gives the demo about it with a cloud mouse. This will be part of TechFest2010.


With cloud computing, users can access their personal data anywhere and anytime. Cloud computing also will enable new forms of data to be provided for users, with applications ranging from Web data mining to social networks. But cloud computing necessitates new interaction metaphors and input-output technology. The cloud mouse is one such technology. Every user will have one. It will be a secure key to every user’s cloud data. And, with six degrees of freedom and with tactile feedback, the cloud mouse will enable users to orchestrate, interact with, and engage with their data as if they were inside the cloud.

Here is how a Cloud Mouse looks like -



Check out how a picture gets shared to another device, just like magic !




Check the demo video -



Check the video here -

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