Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Office Talk – twitter like micro-blogging for workplace from Microsoft


The Microsoft Office Labs team has just launched a new experimental tool that brings Twitter-like microblogging to the workplace. Called OfficeTalk, this concept test application lets employees post their thoughts, activities and other info which is shared with anyone and everyone in their company.


Ever wish you could share information broadly within your organization without emailing everyone? Ever wish you could keep the pulse of what people in your organization think is interesting? Microblogging has that potential. OfficeTalk is a concept test to explore the value of microblogging in the enterprise. OfficeTalk is deployed internally at Microsoft and has seen over 10,000 visitors and hundreds of messages posted daily. We're now making OfficeTalk available to a few customers in a small pilot test. Because this is an early-stage concept, the OfficeTalk microblogging experience itself looks very similar to other well-known services. The key difference is that the enterprise owns the data since the OfficeTalk server is hosted in the customer’s organization.





OfficeTalk is in a limited private pilot for research purposes for now. If you'd like your firm to be involved in the pilot and are willing to participate in the user research, let us know. Since this is a research project, only a very small number of pilots will be considered.

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(Source - OfficeTalk: Microblogging for Business)

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