Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Silverlight based Seesmic social networking platform for Windows Phone 7, Windows and Mac demo

At the MIX10 Keynote, Loic the founder of Seesmic gave a cool demo of the cross platform capabilities of Silverlight based Seesmic Social Networking platform. He demos Seesmic Desktop based on Silverlight which runs entirely on plugins. Main social network services like twitter, facebook, linkedin were running as plugins on that platform. Further he demos how bingmaps was integrated in the tweet timeline itself.

First it was built for Windows and they were so impressed with Silverlight 4 that they ported it for Mac. And it was easy as the code was reused.

Next he demos the First Real twitter Client on Windows Phone 7 Series – Seesmic for Windows Phone . And the majority of the code was same as that for the desktop.

Check out this cool video of the same -

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