Friday, March 26, 2010

Some fascinating stats about MIX10


As you know MIX10 , a 3 days event for web designers and developers took place from March 15-17th, 2010 at Las Vegas. This is one of the biggest events by Microsoft held every year. Here are some very interesting statistics related to MIX10.

Some Network related Stats–

  • 200Mb of bandwidth was reserved for the entire show. After the announcement of various tools availability on Windows Phone 7 on day1 Keynote, the whole bandwidth quota almost got slammed. So the bandwidth was upped to 300Mb
  • 4000 unique users on Wireless during the show. These were the individual users on their laptops on various wireless access points. This does not include data about people on phones.
  • Top wireless user downloads (tracking by ones IP address) : downloaded 5 GB of contents , next were 3.04 GB and 2.71 GB
  • Length of the networking cables at the show – 3.76 miles


Some stats on Content and sessions-

Top 10 sessions- 

  • The Tale of JavaScript. I Mean ECMAScript by Douglas Crockford 
  • Introducing the Silverlight Rough Cut Editor by Jason Suess
  • An Hour With Bill Buxton by Bill Buxton
  • The Elephant in the Room by Nishant Kothary

For rest of the list check the source video .

  • And all these sessions are uploaded within 24hrs in various formats for download, if you have missed the session, you can download them. At the time of this video 40GB of session video have been uploaded and soon will cross 60GB.

Some stats on attendees and speakers -

  • 1/3 rd of attendees were from outside of US
  • 1/4 th of attendees attended the workshop
  • MIX10 was the biggest MIX ever
  • More external speakers than any other MIX-  43% were from Outside of Microsoft


 Some stats on MIX10 related tweets and online viewers

  • So far 24093 tweets related to MIX10
  • During day 1 keynote, over 8000 tweets, 3 top trending topics on twitter were related to MIX10
  • 46000 viewers watched the keynote Live, 42000 on day2


  • 350 articles over 2 days in major publications


Some other tidbits on consumptions during MIX10-

  • 96 liters of Hand sanitizer
  • 25 cases of trash liners
  • 15 cases of paper hand towels
  • 30 cases of 2-ply toilet paper
  • 5 cases of soap

Food -

  • 5000 Redbulls
  • 1770 Gallons of coffee (this does not include Starbucks)
  • 1000 loaves of regular bread
  • 7,200 rolls
  • 3,000 Artisan loaves of bread
  • 9,120 bottles of juice
  • 5 cases of foam melon soap

For more details, watch this source video -


This video was recorded on day3 while MIX10 was still going on.

Browse more than 400 MIX10 photos on Flickr.

(source: MIX10 Wrap Up)

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