Monday, March 22, 2010

T-shirt Cannon Powered by Windows Phone

During the Scott Guthrie Keynote at MIX10 event, T-shirts (the RED ones) were given to audience in unique way. They were fired from a Cannon which was controlled by a Windows Phone App.





Check out this Fun video where a Cannon with Red T-shirt as ammunition controlled by a Windows Phone App throwing T-shirts to audience during the Scott Guthrie Keynote.He talks about  it while Dan Fernandez demos it. With some initial Network hiccups on stage, enjoy the Cannon, booming T-shirts at audience. This whole project was built by Coding4Fun team in just 2 weeks.


And what’s more the complete Project details of hardware, software  along with Source code is available at :


Coding4Fun Cannon – Project Overview

For behind the scenes, more description of the Cannon Hardware check out this video -

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