Thursday, March 18, 2010

Twikini- First officially announced twitter App for Windows Phone 7

Twikini becomes the first officially announced Twitter app for Windows Phone 7 Series .

Twikini is already one of the most popular Twitter apps in the world for Windows Mobile 6.x devices. The Windows Phone 7 version is being developed through a strategic partnership between Mist Labs and Trinket Software…”

Mist Labs is the new company founded by ex-Microsoft Program Manager, Mel Sampat from the Windows Phone team. Trinket Software is a Seattle-based developer of several popular mobile apps, including Twikini and PowerSMS.

TwikiniWP7_1 Twikini running on Windows Phone 7 Series – Portrait Mode


TwikiniWP7_2 Twikini running on Windows Phone 7 Series – Landscape Mode


For more details and screenshot, please check - Twikini for Windows Phone 7 – Preview

(Source: @windowsphone)

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