Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[FIX] - Automatically diagnose and repair Windows Live Photo Gallery Problems with Microsoft FixIt

Have you been having problems with Windows Live Photo Gallery?  Problems previewing photos?  Issues with the slide show?  Unable to use the album download function?  Does the application freeze?  Do you get choppy images transitions when viewing images using the slide show screen saver?

A new automated FixIt solution from Microsoft automatically diagnoses the problems mentioned above, as well as others, and the automatically fixes them for you!

What it fixes...

  • System performance is slow when viewing a multipage TIFF file
  • Can’t preview pictures in Windows Photo Gallery
  • Windows Photo Gallery print picture preview color is reversed
  • Pictures not showing when starting a slide show in Windows Photo Gallery for Windows Vista
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery album download no longer works after upgrade from Vista to Windows 7
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery stops responding or will not start
  • Image in Windows Photo Gallery is yellow on a Windows Vista-based computer
  • Photos screensaver not working
  • Choppy image transitions when viewing images using the Slide Show screensaver



Just go to 

and Click the ‘Run now’ button to launch the file….

Details at -

(Source: Windows Live Photo Gallery Problems )

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