Friday, May 21, 2010

Microsoft Connect begins its Redesign with Home page and Product Directory



Microsoft Connect has started its redesign. This redesign effort will go through the next several months. In the May release Home Page and the Product Directory have been redesigned.


Main changes to Home Page -

· Cleaner and simpler UI

· Clear call to action: find products accepting feedback

· Product/Program search

· Clearer site focus: bugs and suggestions for Microsoft products currently accepting community feedback

· Showcase user’s feedback impact on Microsoft products

· Connect-wide news by the Connect team



Main Changes to Product Directory -

· Easier-to-navigate directory, including column sorting

· Feedback Centric: products not currently accepting bugs or suggestions moved to secondary screen

· Product/Program search

· Display User Status in Programs

· Products belong to only one category

· Product Logo added

· Grid shows the type of feedback currently being accepted and the audience availability


The Connect Blog says-

“We invite you to give us your feedback, as well as to join our Connect Improvement Program to discuss these changes in our newsgroups. “

So one can provide feedback and also can join the Improvement program for discussion

(Source: Connect Blog)

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