Friday, June 18, 2010 now supports PDF, SVGs and webpages !!!

SDLogoThis is great news !! not only supports images but also supports PDF files, SVG images, and web pages (perfect for maps or infographics). So now we can create and share even more zoomable high-resolution content on!

Just provide the file URL, and you’ll get a zoomable version of that content.

Bonus tip: The Zoomable ver of PDF shows the first page, but just append "#page=x" to the end of the URL to specify any page, e.g.


Here are some examples:


And here’s the zoomable content of my blog page provided by Seadragon.




(Source: Microsoft Live Labs )

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Amy said...

Seadragon has done wonderful job in providing zoomable rocks!! Thanks for you for keeping us posted...