Thursday, July 22, 2010

Facebook reaches 500 m subscribers ! Rahman & Deepika kickstart ‘Facebook Stories’ in India

facebook Stories


Social network Facebook has reached an important milestone- it registered its 500 millionth subscriber. There are 12 million Facebook users here in India. Each month, people in India upload more than 53 million photos, while mobile usage has increased ninefold in the past year.  


Facebook today launched Facebook Stories, an initiative dedicated to showcasing the connections made and stories shared by the 500 million people who are actively using the service every day.  Facebook Stories was announced by Mark Zuckerberg in a video addressed to all Facebook users worldwide.


To inaugurate Facebook Stories in India, award-winning producer A. R. Rahman shared his personal story about how Facebook has enabled him to connect with his fans. 

“Facebook has really made it so easy for artists to connect with their fans – making them part of our daily lives,”

To me, that’s one of the best ways I can show my fans how grateful I am for their support.”  

wrote Rahman.


Blockbuster actress Deepika Padukone also shared the impact Facebook has made on her life. 

“In the networking world Facebook literally provides a FACE to one’s identity in the world wide web,” she wrote.  “It gives me semblance of being grounded by allowing me to be constantly in touch with my friends and family and people whom I love and cherish!”   


To share your own story, go to, login with your Facebook credentials. BTW Facebook Stories is making use of Bing.

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