Saturday, July 24, 2010

Speech Recognition integrated into Windows Phone 7 with Microsoft TellMe

TellMe Integrates Speech Recognition in Windows Phone 7


Microsoft Tellme’s speech recognition services are deeply integrated into the upcoming release of Windows Phone 7, you can easily use your voice to simplify everyday tasks—make a call, find a business, or open an application.

In a new video demo posted here, this integration is on display, showing how you can press and hold the start key to access the voice interface. Once activated, you can direct the phone to call a friend, search for local businesses and launch applications, all using simple voice commands (“Call john,” “open app name,” etc.)

The speech recognition feature takes advantage of the largest cloud-based speech platform in the industry for near real-time recognition and enhanced accuracy.

Tellme was also recently added to the new Ford Fiesta vehicles with SYNC, as a prior web video shows on this same page. 


(Source: Channel10 )



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