Sunday, July 18, 2010

Start using the New Rupee Symbol right now !

The growing influence of Indian economy on global market has made India  recently unveil the new Rupee Symbol. The Rupee will  join other global currencies like the US Dollar, British Pound, European Euro etc.

It looks like this -



It’s a blend of Devanagari Lipi RA and Roman R. 

“Measures are already afoot to have the rupee sign declared a computer standard, meaning it could join currencies such as the pound, dollar, euro and yen on keyboards within two years.”  (source:guardian )


But if you want to start using it with your keyboard, here’s how it can be done -

Foradian Technologies has made the font for it. Just

Download the font Rupee.ttf or the new version Rupee_Foradian.ttf   (preferred )  from the above given link .

Right click and install ( using Windows 7 ) or copy the .ttf file to font folder

That’s all.

The new Rupee symbol has been mapped to the grave accent symbol – ` , or the tilde Key ~  (the key just above "tab" button in your keyboard) . Just select "Rupee" font or the Rupee_Foradian font which ever you have installed from the drop down list of your fonts and press that key . It will display the new rupee symbol.




(*you must have the font installed to view the above posted symbol correctly)

The Symbol as used in MS Word -



Download the Font from Foradian Technologies .

Please note that this Symbol can’t be used universally until it becomes a unicode standard , So one has to have this font (rupee.ttf or Rupee_Foradian.ttf ) on ones PC to view this. So until this gets into unicode , try this method.

Hope the Govt. of India or the concerned dept. initiates the process of getting into Unicode. Actually there’s already ‘Rs’ symbol there in the unicode, so how about replacing the old glyph with this new one , keeping the numbers same? Unicode experts will be knowing better , so it’ll take some time until this new symbol gets into Unicode.


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