Friday, August 27, 2010

Book Review: Windows 7 – The Best of the Official Magazine



‘Windows 7 – The Best of the Official Magazine – A real-life guide to getting more done’ is a Microsoft Press Publication and can be obtained from O’REILLY.

This is one of those books, which you'll love to read from Start to finish in one go. Each page packs something interesting.You'll learn Windows 7 in a fun practical way. It relates Windows 7 with real life examples, thus you'll implement Windows 7 features practically. Step-by-step instructions, full color illustrations will make learning lots of fun, easy and fast. Everything has been explained in a very easy to understand way.

This book is created by the editors, authors, and reviewers at the only Windows magazine approved by Microsoft.

It has 4 Sections – Get started, Explore,Do More and Appendix

Get Started section introduces to you with Windows 7.

Explore section further takes you into Windows 7 journey in detail but in a very easy way, each chapter with full of color screenshots and practical examples.

And after learning various features and really start working Windows 7 to your advantage, it makes you to Do More section. This section is very interesting as it covers chapters with imaginative projects like -

  • Watch TV on you cell phone.
  • Use your PC to control TV
  • GO high-definition with Windows 7
  • Make you own cell phone ringtones
  • Get fit using your PC
  • Find your family history
  • Create a paperless home
  • How to get the best grade
  • Host the ultimate party
  • Create a killer resume
  • Childproof your Home office …………and many more such topics all explained in relation to Windows 7. It’ll teach you how Windows 7 will help in the office and Home.

Appendix will help you to choose the Right version of Windows 7, compares various editions,help you in Installation, Using Windows Easy Transfer and also tells you how to keep your PC as good as new.

It’s a book fully packed with screenshots, practical examples in full color thus making it very easy to understand. This book is recommended for Beginner to Intermediate Level.

Its been rightly said-

“It’s the the ultimate visual guide to the fun, practical, and creative things you can do right now with Windows 7!”

You can get this book from O’REILLY , Amazon

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