Sunday, August 15, 2010

In-wall USB Chargers, FM Scanners

Your Zune or your iPod needs charging and you have misplaced your charger and just for this you have to start your desktop or laptop. Imagine  how convenient it’ll be if you have In-wall USB chargers in your home/office just like any other wall power socket. But its difficult to get in-wall Chargers here in India. Else you might have to prepare wall USB Chargers with DIY kits. But no more Now !

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a tweet from atul chitnis providing a link to in-wall USB chargers from Philips India. With good quality finish, so convenient to add them along with your regular power sockets. Such products should be well advertised, many of us do not know even if such products could be availed in India. I haven’t seen any reviews of them being published in Indian PC magazines. Thanks Atul !

What’s more, Philips India has even a in-wall FM scanner also in its product range for your kitchen or bathroom.

Here’s a direct link to Philips India catalogue for its range of Lifestyle Modular Switches. ( It’s a PDF file , size ~2MB)







Here are some of the snaps of the actual products, In-wall USB Chargers and FM Scanner and back of the package boxes showing their price and part no. , courtesy Atul Chitnis.


142849161usb sockets


back of the package




Back of the FM radio package


The In-wall USB Charger costs Rs. 450 (nearly $9) while FM scanner costs Rs 750 (nearly $15).

So go on and check them from Philips India dealer and hope they know about these products.

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