Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Hotmail allows forwarding messages to any other mail account for FREE- Restrictions removed

As many of you have noticed, the recently upgraded Windows Live Hotmail allows you to forward your Inbox message to any other mail account and this is available to all including free regular accounts. Earlier there were restrictions where one could forward the message only to an email address that ends with hotmail.com, msn.com , live.com or is part of Windows Live Custom Domain. And this was available only for paid accounts of Hotmail Plus.

This is what we used to see in the earlier version of regular Hotmail account -


(Click to view larger image)


Now with the New Hotmail this restriction is removed. And you get this -



To get to this option, sign-in to  your Windows Live Hotmail, Click on options > More options…  NewHMFwd1

and click on ‘Forward mail to another e-mail account’ to get the ‘Forwarding’ Window and type the mail ID to which it has to be forwarded.


So this is great news for all Hotmail users as this option is made available for all.

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