Thursday, September 02, 2010

Designer behind the Arc™ Touch Mouse



Yesterday Microsoft announced the much talked Arc Touch Mouse, the Next generation of earlier Arc Mouse.  Anyone will be impressed with its Beautiful, elegant yet simple design.




Meet the designer Young Kim – Senior User Experience Designer at Microsoft who is behind this mouse.


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Designed keeping in view User convenience without the bulkiness. A mechanism designed that goes from flat to bent , back to flat repeatedly

Some of its features includes-

  • Curves for comfort , fits the hand nicely while working and  flattens to store in the bag or your pocket. And it has another function also , Curve to turn ON. Flatten to turn OFF. No button to switch. A green light flashes to show the battery is working, and then turns off to save battery life.
  • No scroll wheel instead a touch strip is provided, which simulates feeling of scrolling experience without traditional wheel. You can scroll fast or slow, flick it for hyperfast scroll, tap the top or bottom region for Pg Up and Pg Down.  So its ‘Click. Tap. Flick. Control’ for better Productivity. You can feel the scroll with vibration feedback. ‘Includes haptics, so you can actually feel (and hear) the page scrolling.’
  • BlueTrack Technology - works on any surface like cement, rough table, uneven wood, marble tabletop or any reflective surface
  • Nano Transceiver- snaps into the bottom of the mouse.


Shipping in Holiday season in US, Jan in many other regions, early shipment in Europe. Priced at $ 69.95


For more details – please check


Also you can check theses video -

‘First Look at Arc Touch Mouse’ where Larry Larsen is given the Arc Touch Mouse demo by Debbie Uttecht from the Hardware group at Microsoft.




Also check this cool video

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - for your mobile life style  

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