Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to embed PowerPoint presentations or Excel sheets in a Blog post

Starting today, you can embed a PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet in a blog or website. With PowerPoint presentations, viewers can page through a mini version of the slides or view in full screen. For example, you might embed a PowerPoint presentation of photos from your last vacation, share slides from a lecture or talk that you enjoyed, or broadcast your knowledge of a special subject.

The following embedded PowerPoint presentation walks you through the actual steps for embedding a PowerPoint presentation or Excel file in a blog post.

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You can embed Excel charts and data in a blog or website the same way. Here's an example of an embedded Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, using the Excel Web App. Enter your own height and weight to find out your BMI:


“When you embed presentations, people can also view your presentation in full screen mode with all of your animations and transitions. And when you embed Excel spreadsheets, you can update data in Excel on the desktop, and your spreadsheet will automatically be updated on the web. You can even publish interactive PivotTables and forms “

Also check this video highlighting the new updates and also examples of embedded files .

Get Microsoft Silverlight


UPDATE:29/09/10  Added this demo video-  Embed a PowerPoint presentation on your blog

Embed a PowerPoint presentation in your blog or site


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