Wednesday, September 01, 2010

team crossword - Solve crossword puzzles together with Facebook friends


The FUSE Labs team have launched a new project called Team Crossword beta. Solve some crossword puzzles together with your Facebook friends online Or if you want to play solo, you can.

A new puzzle is available every day via the website, you can just get started into Team Crossword by signing into Facebook.






A TeamCrossword game in action - every player gets a color!


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The interactive, team based crossword puzzle uses MVC 2, jQuery, SQL Azure, Visual Studio 2010, and of course, it's hosted on Windows Azure. The actual crossword puzzle data is provided by uClick LLC.

Just for info – Outlook Social Connector, Spindex, Kodu, Emporia, Bing Twitter Maps and Docs also are from the FUSE Labs folks .

(Source: Steve Clayton, Channel10)

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