Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Windows Phone 7 videos

After some new ‘How To..’ videos on Windows Phone 7  , the Microsoft’s You tube channel on Windows Phone 7 has provided some new videos -

Get in the Game - A quick glance to the Start Screen on the new Windows Phone reminds you how fun it is to get in the game by displaying your avatar on the Games Hub Live Tile.

Get in the Game



Spell It Your Way- Expressing yourself sometimes means the dictionary has to bend a bit. The new Windows Phone makes it easy to correct misspellings, but it also gives you the option to leave a word exactly the way you spelled it.

Spell It Your Way


Auto Corrections - Everyone this side of occasionally needs a little help with spelling. With the new Windows Phone, the help comes courtesy of auto corrections.

Auto Corrections



Emoticons- Before emoticons, a lot of what we said in our e-mails or texts could be misunderstood. Windows Phone helps you show your smile with a dedicated emoticon keyboard.



Get ready for the Windows Phone 7 launch!!

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